We are Harvest Express

We are a motorbike courier and delivery company located in Dzorwulu, Accra.

We are dependable, reliable, very efficient, and provide excellent service to our cherished customers at very competitive prices. Our main aim and prime focus is to get your packages to their destinations through our door-to-door system within the shortest possible time and safely.

We ensure that your packages are delivered in a timely and appropriate manner. Every item is handled with extra care so they reach their final destinations in the best of conditions.


Our Packages



    We have several packages for our SWIFT and same day delivery services. We believe although you have a scheduled plan for the delivery of your items, there might be instances of unplanned but MUST-BE-DONE Deliveries, you need not worry, our BOLTservice is available to take care of your situation. We ensure delivery is done within the shortest possible time with distance taken into prior consideration.

    Our BOLT delivery services can be executed in a matter of minutes but dependent also on the kind of item, distance involved and the time of the day.


    We offer express or same day delivery services to our cherished customers. These are normally orders which are placed on the previous day or days leading to the exact day.


    Are you very busy with your schedule at work but has to buy or pickup something from that shop, well your favorite delivery service provider has got you covered. Call on us, we will take your shopping list and get your items purchased and delivered to your doorstep.


    You can always surprise that special person, no need to wait for specific occasions. Our customer centered services ensures that


    We offer online pickups so you can have time for other important assignments. It’s simple, when go online to make a purchase or buy an item, all you have to do is to send us location of the vendor, so we pick up and deliver to you.


    We care for your delivery services outside the capital and we are on standby to send your parcels to and from other parts of the country. Our wide network based is such that we have partner agencies and correspondents at all parts of the country and we are ready to serve you as we get your items to and from Accra.





Why Choose Us?

  • PUNCTUALITY:We are always on schedule, in time and ensure we get items delivered to their final destinations when they are expected to arrive.
  • SMILE:We believe giving your deliveries to us relieves you of the burden and concerns, whiles ensuring you have your peace of mind throughout the day knowing you will be assured of an excellent service and that your items will be delivery without any inconveniences.
  • TRACKING SYSTEM:Our outmost priority is for our customers to have a first-hand information about current location of their items. We have an excellent and a real time tracking system to ensure this.
  • CUSTOMER CENTERED:The satisfaction of our customer is our topmost priority and through our customer centered services we ensure our customers are worry free knowing we are in-charge.

We have a dedicated lines for our customers to call in at any time within and outside working hours are available 24/7 on our email platform.

We are also on most social media platforms making it easy for us to be reached by our cherish customers.



  • TELEPHONE NUMBERS:0302791379
  • PHONE NUMBERS:0548605493/0205865699
  • WEBSITE: iwatchglobal.com/delivery
  • EMAIL:[email protected]